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Arvin High School teacher pleads not guilty to seven counts of sex with a minor

Charges include oral copulation with someone under 18 and unlawful sexual intercourse.
Posted at 6:12 PM, Nov 16, 2023
  • Video shows Chief of Police for the Arvin Police Department, Alex Ghazalpour discussing the case of Arvin High School teacher Michael Parra.
  • Parra was arraigned on seven charges for sexual misconduct with a minor.
  • Charges include oral copulation with a person under 18 and unlawful sexual intercourse


The District Attorney's office has charged Michael Parra with seven counts of sexual misconduct involving a minor. During his arraignment, Michael Parra pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The number of counts was increased to 16 overnight, but the DA's office tells 23ABC that after reviewing the police reports, they filed charges on the seven that could be proven.

Parra, a teacher at Arvin High School, was arrested on campus Wednesday.
The Arvin Police Department got the call Wednesday night, concerning accusations that Arvin High School teacher Michael Parra was involved in sexual relations with a student.

“Based on the facts that they uncovered of what occurred there and speaking to the victim who is an Arvin High student the determination was made to arrest the teacher based on the charges at hand,” said Arvin Chief of Police Alex Ghazalpour.

Chief Alex Ghazalpour said considering that the victim is a minor -- his department is working with Kern High School District Police and school staff to approach this case respectfully.

“The school district is there, the school police department is there along with our investigator, a couple of our police officers that are out there. It makes for a good cohesive team to investigate this manner,” said Ghazalpour.

At the moment, Ghazalpour said the case remains an isolated incident involving Parra and the victim. “We're going to do everything that we have to do to make sure that there is a thorough investigation and follow through with any additional requests that the district attorney's office may have for prosecution.”

He said that it's important for parents to have open dialogue with their children so that they speak up in situations like these. The school said it would be providing counseling to students affected by the case.

“I ask that the court of public hold their public opinion be held to themselves and have respect for the victim in regards to this manner as well and know that we are doing everything to investigate this manner thoroughly,” said Ghazalpour.

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