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Cal City charges up, celebrates new EV charging station

Two grants help Cal City bring in new solar-powered EV charging station to Aspen Mall parking lot on Cal City Boulevard
Posted at 10:56 PM, Apr 10, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-11 01:56:24-04

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KERO) — A ribbon-cutting ceremony makes it official for California City's new solar-powered EV charging station.

  • City and county officials among those part of a ribbon-cutting for EV charging station.
  • Cal City applied for grants four years that helped bring in the new EV charging station.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new EV charging station in Cal City was short and sweet, but officials say the benefits will be long-term...

I’m Steve Virgen your neighborhood reporter...

Last month... I told you how they were able to acquire this station... and it became official on Wednesday.

“It’s exciting because Cal City is trying to grow and provide the best resources for their residents and contribute to the city’s growth.”

Susanne Campbell is KCOG’s regional planner and told me Wednesday was a breakthrough for Cal City with it’s new solar-powered EV charging station.

There are two chargers at this location... with a two-hour time limit... giving drivers enough power to reach a larger station nearby like the one in Mojave.

The facility was 'powered' by two grants... 99,000 dollars from KCOG and 50,000 dollars from the East Kern Air Pollution Control District.

Cal City applied for the grants four years ago.

“But it’s so worth it. Once you get it all pulled together and the pieces, you see how nice the facility is," Campbell said.

City councilman Jim Creighton, who was instrumental in getting the grants, could not attend due to a prior commitment... but for those in attendance... every extra volt that is produced... will help to power this future.

“For this little community here in Central Valley to already be so proactive, to have a charging station of this magnitude I think is very impressive,” Campbell said.

There is talk of another charging station to be built in this area.

In Cal City, I’m Steve Virgen your neighborhood reporter.

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