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Cal City golf course manager resigns; offers proposal as an option for revitalization

James Robinson says anticipated cuts to his staff would result in more work and hassles to keep the golf course running.
Posted at 6:45 PM, Jun 20, 2024

CALIFORNIA CITY, Calif. (KERO) — James Robinson says his final day as Tierra del Sol Golf Course manager is July 15, but he offers a proposal to the city to help turn things around.

  • James Robinson, the Cal City golf course manager, says he has closed the course on Mondays and shortened daily hours because the place is already short-staffed.
  • Robinson is conducting junior golf clinics this month. Wednesday morning's clinic including 16 young golfers.
  • Robinson wants to manage TDS separate from the City.


The Tierra del Sol Golf Course, owned by California City, is in a proverbial sand trap.

Mired in debt, and with many wanting it to shut down, there is a lot of uncertainty for the future...

I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter.

Now, there is an added challenge. The golf course manager, James Robinson, is stepping down.

"We need to make an investment in this community. We really do."

James Robinson says revitalizing the golf course is part of that investment. Instead, he tells me the city is cutting its staff, adding more work and challenges. He's already closed the golf course on Mondays and shortened daily hours.

"I don't want to see this go away. That's not what I signed up for. I could be playing golf all over the place. This is my home and I would like to see this resource remain here for the people of the city," Robinson says.

Robinson offered a proposal to the city: to manage the golf course separately from the city government. He wants to fine-tune the details with the city.

"I think that we need to divest from the city management. It's in chaos right now and I think it would be a benefit to them," Robinson says.

Ron Smith, Cal City's Mayor Pro Tem, says the golf course hasn't been profitable, but he says it's an asset to the community.

"He has whittled down the expenses in four years. I think that's something that needs to be respected. Something that needs to be looked at. And if he's got a plan we have to take serious consideration," Smith says.

Smith voted for ARPA funds to renovate the clubhouse, but more expenses came later making the project too expensive and leaving the work unfinished. I told you in April the ARPA money will be used elsewhere.

"I am embarrassed to be standing here, looking at all that peeling paint. We need to give an opportunity, an option for our community," Smith says.

Robinson believes the golf course is an asset to the city with great potential. He continues to run junior golf clinics this month.

I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter.

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