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Parents voice their opinions during educational resources event at Mojave High School

Samantha Barbic, Michelle Palmer speak out about suspensions and treatment of students during an educational resources event at Mojave High School
Posted at 8:28 PM, Mar 04, 2024
  • In this video, Samantha Barbic, founder of Mothers of Mojave, says there are other alternatives to suspending students.
  • Barbic says Mojave football players should not have been suspended or banned from winter sports for being involved in a fight during a game in October.
  • Mojave District superintendent Katherine Aguirre invites parents inside to educational resources event, as the group of parents were planning to rally outside.


A planned march at Mojave High School... turned into a discussion on Monday between parents and district officials over suspensions and educational resources.

I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter.

District Superintendent Katherine Aguirre invited the group inside – as the parents were preparing to march outside.

“I’m sorry but I don’t agree with the football program being taken away. I think that was the dumbest idea ever. I’m not trying to disrespect anybody in the decision making but I feel like we’re limited to what we have here already,” said Samantha Barbic, founder of Mothers of Mojave.

That's Samantha Barbic voicing her opinion over disciplinary action handed down on about a dozen football players – after they were involved in a fight during a game at Lone Pine in October.

They were ruled ineligible for winter sports and activities.

Barbic was joined on Monday by Michelle Valmer...

Her son, Adrian Arrington, was also suspended last fall... and more recently... he was suspended following an incident on the campus... that ended with derogatory language between Arrington and a school security guard.

“I feel personally that suspension is not the right answer every time. ‘Let’s go ahead and suspend the kid. Let’s go ahead and suspend the kid. Let’s go ahead and suspend the kid. That’s not the answer.’ What is going on with that child?” Barbic said.

Barbic and Valmer were two of a handful of parents invited on campus by district superintendent Katherine Aguirre to talk about it.

Valmer: “It felt good that everyone came in together to talk and hear our voices. I’m just hoping we see some changes.”

Aguirre, who did not want to go on camera, called the meeting productive.

Aguirre said the football players were disciplined for the winter according to school rules.

Virgen: “What are you hoping for in the future?

Barbic: “For the racism, the biases, the inequality to stop. And for the people who are employed here, along with the superintendent, to care more about the kids than the data.”

The parents said they will rally again if they feel it's necessary. In Mojave, I'm Steve Virgen your neighborhood reporter.

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