McFarland celebrates addition of affordable housing project

The Sherwood Apartments has been in the works for the past four years and was recently made available to local renters. This complex has 81 units all meant for low income individuals
Posted at 5:37 PM, Jun 26, 2024

MCFARLAND, Calif. (KERO) — The brand new Sherwood Apartments is taking a step in helping to alleviate the housing crisis in McFarland. The new complex is reversed for people who fall into the "extremely low income" category.

  • The Sherwood apartment complex was a project four years in the making and is partially funded with a $16 million grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.
  • The 81-units are reserved for families and individuals who are low-income.
  • The apartments are reserved for families and individuals who are low-income.

If you happen to be driving down Sherwood Avenue, you’ll find this brand new apartment complex and although it may look like any ordinary Apartment, it’s far from it. These units are taking one step toward alleviating the housing crisis.

“I love it here. I’ve been living here since April the fourth when I got the call here,” said McFarland resident Tommy Delfin. “It’s affordable for me I just always wanted to live by my self to show myself I can do this on my own.”

Delfin says the opening of this complex is more than just an apartment, but an opportunity to be independent.

Delfin says he initially applied for the Sherwood Apartments back in December of 2023.

With rental rates continuing to rise, Delfin says he continued to hold out hope that he would get a call back.

“I tried to apply to other places and it’s like an arm and a leg. It really is,” said Delfin. “But luckily, this is affordable for me like I mean I had to take the opportunity you know.”

Marcus Griffin with the Milestone Affordable Housing Project says the Sherwood Apartments were created for people like Delfin.

Griffin says the reduced rent housing complex is reserved for families and individuals who are low-income. With this project serving people known as extremely low income.

“The rents are set on the — what would be affordable to the person at different income levels based on Kern County and so it doesn’t look at market rents,” said Griffin.

With each renter, Griffin says rents are based on what a person makes and are set at 30% of their income level.

Griffin says the complex also offers multiple amenities like a playground, a dog park, and a community garden where residents are able to grow their own food.

“Agricultural workers they don’t have — living in an apartment they don’t have access to their own land to grow crops but they have all the skills to do it and it’s a very cost effective way you know food prices have gone through the roof,” said Griffin.

As for Delfin, he says he’s just grateful to be one of the 81 tenants living at the Sherwood Apartments.

“I’m pretty happy about this, it makes me very independent with myself, very happy,” said Delfin.

Eventually, the milestone housing group hopes to build a complex in Bakersfield however nothing is set in stone.

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