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Granting the wishes of foster children

“It is really beautiful to see how much love there is in this world."
Posted at 4:47 AM, Nov 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-08 09:28:14-05

Danielle Gletow and her husband saw what it’s like to be a foster kid firsthand.

“The first very child who came to us from the foster care system arrived at night with just an oversized winter coat on and a bag full of kind of mismatched clothing and supplies,” she said.

Despite being foster parents, they wanted to help even more.

“We wanted to create a way for anybody to not only learn about the system and the children who were being impacted, but to do something really specific,” said Danielle.

So in 2008, One Simple Wish was created. It’s a nationwide online platform where anyone can grant the wish of a child or young adult impacted by the foster system.

“There was a lot of just missed childhood experiences. Things that many of us have taken for granted,” said Danielle.

You can help provide things like a bunk bed, earphones or golf clubs through One Simple Wish. On their website, you can grant any wish you’d like. You can also search by state if you want to make a more local impact.

“What we say is, ‘What will bring you joy? What would make you happy? What would maybe take some stress off your shoulders right now?’” said Danielle.

The wishes are submitted by case workers, foster parents or foster kids themselves.

Danielle said there are normally a couple hundred wishes a month but now during the holidays, there are a couple hundred a day. They’re focused on making every foster kid feel special during the holiday season.

“We try to look at this organization as close to being a family support system as we can, and that means that no one ages out. That means that love is endless and unconditional,” she said.

One Simple Wish partners with over 2,500 social service agencies nationwide. Danielle said it’s inspiring to watch people across the country come together.

“It is really beautiful to see how much love there is in this world,” she said.

If you would like to learn more or grant a wish, click here.