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Little girl uses birthday to raise money for blind horses

"She has a big passion for horses."
Posted at 4:36 AM, Sep 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-01 07:57:27-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. — Addalyn Cirar spent her seventh birthday hanging out with horses and asking for money to help them in lieu of birthday presents.

"She has a big passion for horses," said Addalyn's father, Chris.

Chris said Addalyn saw a Facebook post about the blind horses at the Healing Hearts Farm Sanctuary in Tehachapi. They were recently rescued from being euthanized. Addalyn told her parents she wanted to help them with a birthday fundraiser.

"We’re super proud and super honored that she wanted to do that and it’s just all because of the love she had for the horses," said Chris.

A few years ago, Jennefer Lawson and her husband turned their home into the sanctuary.

"We take in farm animals that are in need and we give them a forever home here," she said.

Jennefer said it’s inspiring to receive this kind of help.

“The fact that this little seven-year-old girl [just] has the insight and the compassion and selflessness to want to help animals, not just at any time but, I mean, on her birthday," said Jennefer.

Addalyn reached her goal of raising at least $1,000. All the money will go towards an upgraded area for the blind horses with lots of room, fencing and shelter.

"I love them... because they’re cute and you get to ride them, but I’ve never ridden a horse before," said Addalyn.

Maybe that’s what she’ll do for her eighth birthday. Right now though, Addalyn is thrilled to help the animals she loves most.

If you’d also like to help out the horses, you can donate by clicking here.