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New coffee roasting company aims to support the homeless and end human trafficking

Soft opening July 12, grand opening July 19
Posted at 9:45 AM, Jun 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-12 12:45:19-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Off Ashe Road, you’ll find Bakersfield Roasting Company.

"They drink a cup of coffee and enjoy it but [with] every cup of coffee that we sell, those funds that we raise can go to help those that are in need," said Mike Osthimer.

Mike created the company to raise awareness and money for organizations that support the homeless and work to end human trafficking.

"People like causes. They like to learn and understand [what] the profit and what the proceeds go to for something," said Mike. "We can take individual [roasts] that we do and actually give 100% of proceeds to those causes."

Coffee will be roasted on site and sold alongside other drinks and pastries. Customers will be encouraged to “pay it forward” by purchasing tokens to give to the homeless so they can get a coffee.

“It would be like if you or I found a coupon. You just give them something they can utilize," said Mike. "They can just turn it in. The cashier takes it, they completely understand. People come in and they go, 'You know, thank you for helping me feel human again.'”

Mike also wants the coffee shop to be a space for people to connect with each other.

“Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of people who will listen and so when you have people, you know, that are here and they understand, it gives them a safe place to visit," he said.

Information about local nonprofits will be put on products like bags of coffee.

“We’re just looking for different organizations in our community we can come alongside just to help keep that information out in the public’s eye," said Mike.

And he hopes to participate in fundraisers and events.

The shop is located at 6501 Schirra Court. The shop’s soft opening is July 12 with the grand opening on July 19.

Supporting community members one cup at a time.

“It’s funny, my friends go,'You don't even like coffee,'... but I like helping people," said Mike.

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