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Nonprofit delivers home-cooked meals to others during pandemic

Posted at 10:12 AM, Mar 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-13 13:12:52-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — The pandemic has taught us to not take things for granted. Not even a home-cooked meal.

"In Bakersfield we have such a need for families with food insecurities or just families that are completely stressed out, can’t even think about putting a meal on the table," said Chere Smith.

Chere is a volunteer chef with Lasagna Love, a nonprofit delivering lasagna to people in need.

“I was looking for something that [was] completely safe. This is completely safe. You either text or call. It’s a contactless delivery," she said.

Lasagna Love was started by a woman named Rhiannon Menn in San Diego about a year ago.

“She noticed that families were really struggling. They were having food insecurities or worried about going to the grocery store," said Chere.

The organization has since spread across the country and to Kern County.

You can request a meal for yourself or a friend. You can also donate money or volunteer as a chef. Chere said it was her goal to start cooking after she retired.

“When I saw this I said, “Oh, this would be a great opportunity to practice some of the new skills I had learned.’ And then also working with Lasagna Sove, they have recipes and tips and everything on their website to help chefs do a good job," she said.

So anyone is welcome to participate, supporting others right from the kitchen

“I want to be feeding families which is what our organization is all about," said Chere. "And then also spreading kindness. This is such a kind thing to do, to drop off a meal on someone’s doorstep. It’s just really basic and then something that strengthens our community, which is definitely something this organization does. It really has an impact.”

If you’d like to cook or receive a meal, click here.

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