Bakersfield Police officers recount morning J's Place chef Ray Ingram was shot and killed

Posted at 6:08 PM, Jun 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-06 21:10:45-04

Tuesday the court proceedings continued in the case surrounding beloved J's Place Chef Ray Ingram who was shot and killed on February 22, 2017. 

In a pre-preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, several Bakersfield Police officers and detectives recounted the morning of Ingram's death. 

Officer Aaron Salinas was the first officers who arrived on scene that morning. He said he walked up to the house and knocked on the door. Initially no one answered and he began to look around the outside of the home. When he returned to the front door he said Michaele Bowers was standing in the doorway. 

He said she finally opened the screen door and started to talk to him. 

"She was kind of like hunched over, bent over at the waist. To me, it seemed as if she was in pain or maybe she was stressed out or distraught," said Officer Salinas. 

He said he then continued to question her.

"I again asked her, you know, 'Hey, what happened? Can you tell me what happened? And she spontaneously said, "I just shot my children's father," said Officer Salinas. 

Bowers was taken into custody after that conversation and arrested later that day for the murder of Ray Ingram. Ingram and Bowers had been in a relationship for 25 years and had one child together. 

Ingram was also a well-known chef at the local restaurant J's Place. 

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"He was lying face-down in the master bedroom," said Officer Salinas.

Officers said Ingram was shot and killed in the entry way of that room. The coroner determined he died from a single gunshot to the neck. 

Documents show the morning Ingram was shot and killed, Bowers text him a picture of a receipt that had two sets of Valentine's Day gifts. It also shows Bowers had just recently found out Ingram fathered a child and was in a relationship with another woman since 2013. 

In court Tuesday, Bowers sat quietly in her brown jail-issued jumpsuit as one of the detectives described the gun that was registered to her and found in the master bathroom. 

"It was a two-tone black frame with a silver slide, Smith and Wesson," said Detective Kelly Williams.

Another detective outline the timeline of events which were caught on Bowers' home surveillance system. 

"At about 6:06 a.m. he pulled into the driveway," said Detective Rex Davenport.

Records show less than 10 minutes after Ingram pulled up, Bowers called 911 and told dispatchers to send police. Bowers' attorney, David A. Torres, spoke out after the court proceeding and said he's still confident in their defense. 

"I don't believe that she's guilty of the charges that she's being charged with. I believe that in the end that things will go well for her," said Torres. 

23ABC asked Torres what he thought Bowers should be charged with, but he declined to answer. 

Bowers is set to be back in court on June 20th.