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BCHS responds to allegations of students displaying derogatory Zoom backgrounds

Posted at 3:43 PM, Sep 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-02 19:23:12-04

Bakersfield Christian High School is responding to allegations BCHS students attended a Zoom class while utilizing a virtual background displaying phrases such as "Black lives don’t actually matter" and "BLM is a joke."

23ABC was alerted via social media of reports BCHS students were displaying derogatory comments in the background of their Zoom pictures. BCHS said following these several reports, they have decided to "clarify" their position on the matter.

Black lives absolutely do matter. As a school – more specifically as a Christian school – we must be unequivocal in this statement. Black lives have been created in the image of God and are of inherent value. There are pivotal times in every nation’s history when the opportunity for societal change and growth is clearly evident. This is such a time in American history in regards to not only racial justice in general, but – very specifically – in regards to advancing the rights and opportunities of the African American community who has endured particular injustices throughout our nation’s history.

The time period in which we are living is complex. Yet some things should not be complex. We should each strive on a daily basis to treat every human being with Christlikeness. May we as a school community model this very behavior not only to each other, but also to the Greater Bakersfield Community as we live out our ministry