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Police: Fatal shooting victim had fired shots into crowd

Posted at 3:47 PM, May 08, 2018

The Bakersfield Police Department released information regarding Saturday's fatal shooting, showing the fight was gang-related and the victim had fired shots into a crowd.

BPD said Saturday, a violent fight between rival motorcycle gangs The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and The Mongols Motorcycle Club broke out during an event in the 3200 block of Buck Owens Boulevard. Ricardo Viera, who had a known affiliation with the Mongols, fired one round into a crowd of people at the event using an illegal firearm. At least one person suffered minor injuries.

Another person then retrieved a legally owned handgun and fired several rounds at Viera, killing him. 

BPD said the legally armed shooter was detained and interviewed, then released without any arrests or anticipated charges.

The investigation is being looked into as gang-related. BPD believes Viera attempted to shoot at rival gang members because of his affiliation with the Mongols. 

In 2016, Viera was stabbed after a different gang-related fight.