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Kern County Fair will go on with COVID precautions

Kern County Fair
Posted at 10:47 PM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-10 02:48:10-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Like many events the past year and a half the Kern County Fair was almost canceled. In less than two weeks, it is officially happening but with thorough precautions in place due to COVID-19.

Monday night at the Kern County Fair Board meeting they discussed some new signage that will be posted at the entrances to the fair having to do with COVID-19 guidelines.

“Despite the list of precautions that will be taken, the holder agrees to assume all risks associated with COVID-19 and communicable diseases, and to comply with all related health and safety policies of the Kern County Fair, have a great time,” said Michael Olcott Ceo, The Kern County Fair.

Those are some of the words you’ll find on the back of your Kern County Fair ticket this year come September 22nd. The concerts, the livestock, and fair food are back but according to the Kern County Fair marketing team, four fewer rides than usual and a thorough COVID-19 exposure control plan.

First, the fair board plans to reduce contact. Doors will be propped open when possible, ticketing will be contactless, many vendors will offer cash-free sales, and condiments, plates, and utensils are to be single-use.

“We also have thousands of disposable gloves that we’ll be providing to all vendors. Also, hand sanitizing pumps and jugs, we’ll be distributing at every gate, to every vendor, every concessionaire, all the tables,” said Olcott.

As Olcott mentioned thorough sanitization efforts will also be implemented. According to the fair board rides will be disinfected through fogging between uses, and restroom surfaces will be sanitized frequently. Employees are even being trained on properly cleaning equipment after tasks.

"Cleaning and sanitizing heavy equipment, vehicles, heavy equipment and forklifts, golf carts one person per vehicle, and golf carts until social distancing restrictions have been lifted," said Olcott.

While there is no mandate as of now the fair will have an optional vaccination site with Kern Medical and the Kern County Department of Public Health.

Signs to be posted around the fair entrances call for the public to understand that the state highly recommends either obtaining a negative COVID-19 test or being fully vaccinated while attending the fair. They also recommend following local and state health recommendations and mandates.

“Your entry into the Kern County Fair property constitutes your own understanding of these risks and you voluntarily assume such risk related to exposure of COVID-19. The Kern County Fair cannot be held liable if you contract COVID-19,“ said Olcott.