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Kern County woman receives 31 letters from the Employment Development Department

Local resident believes she has received over two dozen unemployment checks from the state
Posted at 2:37 AM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 05:37:00-04

Over a million Californian’s receive unemployment benefits. Some complain they’ve waited months to receive even just that first check, but for one local resident she’s received dozens of letters from the state.

A Kern County Woman, Karissa Woodworth says, “I’d like to get rid of them, but I’d also like to do right by people if this is actually legitimate.

Woodworth says she’s not applied for unemployment, but in the past week she’s received 31 letters from the employment development department. She says,“the first time was about 10 to 15, then they kind of trickled down to 5 and 2, and I think we just got our last one a couple days ago.”

She says each letter is addressed to her household, but they all have different names of people she’s never heard of in the past. She says,“so bizzare, and they’re from different departments. It said the UI department and then there’s the central overpayment department.”

And now with dozens of letters in her possession, Woodworth does believe they are unemployment checks. So she contacted the post office to see what she could do and they told her to return it to the sender. And in this case it would be the Employment Development Department, but Woodworth says they are already hard to get a hold of as is, “the only problem is it would probably take a really long time and people are probably waiting for their checks.”

Woodworth says she has only seen a situation like hers once before.“I looked it up online and I could only find one article. Some guy in Florida got maybe like 13 letters.”

Woodworth says she wants these letters to get to the people they are addressed to as soon as possible so she will likely not send them back to the EDD. For now she is looking into other options. She says she might contact the Employment Development Department in another state to see if they can help her out in a more timely fashion. She also looked for the names over Facebook, but couldn’t find anyone.