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Local Kernville eateries are making sure the firefighters battling the French Fire are staying fed

CHERYL'S DINER August 27, 2021
Posted at 10:20 PM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-28 01:28:56-04

KERNVILLE, Calif. (KERO) — Local eateries in Kernville and the local community members are doing their best to keep first responders’ hearts and stomachs full while battling the French Fire.

“There’s something about the idea of setting a plate down in front of someone, that’s just been prepared especially the way they want it and the human touch,” Sandi Johnstone, Cheryl’s Diner’s owner’s daughter.

Cheryl’s Diner provides an act of service through the food served.

“We received a call from Alta Sierra resident who told us she’d like to send us so money, some way, whether one a credit card or a Venmo account, for $200, to feed firefighters, because their home in Alta Sierra was saved. They saw how hard they worked and they wanted to thank them in that way,” said Johnstone.

That Alta Sierra resident was not alone in wanting to express their gratitude for first responders battling the French Fire, which has been raging in the Kern River Valley for over a week.

“We posted that on Facebook, on our Cheryl’s diner page, and that started it. People began to call us all day, donating money, and by the end of the day, it was almost four $4,000 in the account to feed the firefighters, and others associated with fighting this fire,” said Johnstone.

The Cheryl’s Diner crew also worked extra hard to feed those first responders. Especially, as the French Fire displaced some of their fellow staff making it difficult for them to come to work.

“Firefighters are coming in constantly all throughout the day, and seeing them leave satisfied and full with their stomachs with the food we provide them is great,” said Aaron Right a Cheryl’s Diner employee.

It's not just Cheryl’s Diner providing meals to first responders, other local places in Kernville are also helping out such as the Pizza Barn.

Johnstone said they’re providing meals through the original donations made to Cheryl’s Diner, so that first responders have multiple options.
At both places, they can order whatever they want off the menu.