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Manson's relatives could join forces in fight for his remains

Next hearing scheduled on March 7th in Kern County
Posted at 11:48 AM, Jan 31, 2018

Charles Manson's heirs were in court Wednesday in Kern County to see who is the rightful heir and gets possession of Manson's remains.

Wednesday morning a judge heard claims on what should be done with the remains of the cult leader from family members, his pen pal and the county coroner's office. The judge ruled to pushed her decision back to March 7th.

Last night the lawyer for Manson's son, Michael Brunner, filed a motion saying the law states him as the rightful heir.

In court Wednesday, the Kern County coroner's office suggested the court extend their ruling thirty days. The coroner's lawyer said they want to double check both wills they have to see if either of them is valid and to confirm if adoption effects if Brunner is legally Manson's son and has rights to his remains.

23ABC talked with both Manson's son's and grandson's lawyers after the hearing and they hinted towards possibly joining forces.

Dale Kiken, who is Manson's grandson, Jason Freeman's, lawyer said, "If they're in agreement as to how to dispose of the remains at least between two relatives, we may not need to have a fight here."

The coroner's office says this hearing can only happen where a person was living or where they died. And since Kern County is closer to Los Angeles than Kings County the ruling will happen in Kern County.