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Pet of the Week: Fur-ever homes for big dogs

Posted at 9:46 AM, Apr 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-03 12:50:34-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — On this Pet of the Week, a local shelter is calling on the community to help them find some fur-ever homes for their bigger dogs.

This week, the Bakersfield Animal Care Center introduced us to Reese, a 4-year-old bully mix who's been at the shelter for almost two months now. She is friendly, low-energy, and in need of a loving home.

Reese was adopted before, but the family had another dog who had some issues when Reese was brought home. Because of that, the family had to return her and BACC staff say she's had little interest since then.

While she is sweet and loves to snuggle, Reese is just one of the many larger dogs at the shelter that are struggling to get attention. BACC staff say they are completely full with large dogs right now and they are putting the call out to the community to help foster or adopt.

Some of these larger dogs have been at the shelter for nearly or over 100 days. Shelter staff say being in a kennel for that long can have a negative impact on these animals, making them anxious and hyper. Staff say these responses tend to make visitors shy away from these dogs.

Dogs like Samson and Brutus, 2-year-old bully mix breeds who have been at the shelter since December.

Some of the larger dogs haven't been at the shelter for quite as long, but still need a home.

Choco is an 8-year-old bully mix who has been at the shelter since January. Josie is a 3-year-old bully mix who was brought to the shelter on Thursday.

The shelter is looking for residents who can help these animals get out of their kennels and get some interaction. Even fostering for a weekend can help these dogs relax and give the shelter a better idea of their personality.

If you're interested in adoption or fostering, you can call the BACC at (661) 832-7387. You can also visit the shelter's website to see the available dogs and how you can become a foster.

Reese animal ID number: A119675


Samson animal ID number: A119297


Choco animal ID number: A119698


Brutus animal ID number: A119306


Josie animal ID number: A119888