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Recalling Newsom could affect state and national levels

We would no longer have a democratic majority.
CA Governor Recall Election Important Dates
Posted at 10:48 PM, Aug 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-14 02:21:54-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Voters will face two questions when filling out their California gubernatorial recall election ballot; if they want to recall the governor and who they want to replace him.

It is the second recall election of a California governor in the state’s history. A political analyst said who you vote for before turning in your ballot, can have impacts on not only the state but the national stage.

“They should vote because it has to do with one of the most elected offices in our state,” said Allen Bolar a political analyst and Bakersfield College professor. “And because our state is so important in fact, one of the most important offices besides our presidency in the entire united states.”

Starting Monday, California voters will start receiving mail-in ballots. If they do decide to vote for Newsom’s replacement, 46 candidates are vying for his seat.

Meanwhile, California secretary of state Shirley Weber said in this election there is no majority vote requirement.

“There is no runoff election in the recall.” Said Weber. “So, whatever happens with the 46 or 47 odd people running, if one of them gets the majority of votes at 20 percent, they are governor of the state of California.”

Bolar pointing out that this could mean the potential replacement regardless of party affiliation would not represent the majority of the state and could be quote “overall very unpopular.”

“And so you end up increasing the odds that an extreme candidate might win. Someone who is far to the left or to the right, away from the majority,” said Bolar.

Whoever is elected if Newsom is recalled has the potential of not only making decisions about how the pandemic, a housing crisis, homelessness, and the economy are handled but the future nomination for California senate who might have to step down. This he said, is a concern amongst many democrats nationally.

“One of our two senators, especially people are worried about Diane Feinstein might have to step down for health reasons, a republican then may nominate a republican to take her seat and the national landscape will be completely changed. We would no longer have a democratic majority. We’d have a Republican majority in the Senate,” said Bolar.

According to Kern County Registrar of Voters Mary Bedard, nine are Democrats, 24 are Republican, two are a part of the Green Party, 1 is Libertarian, and 10 have no party preference.

In the last couple of weeks, several candidates made their way to Bakersfield, including Republican candidates Larry Elder and assembly member Kevin Kiley.

Meanwhile, an anti-recall effort sweeping the state this week. Newsom said that Biden and Harris will be campaigning for him in California in the next few weeks.

“Ballots are dropping in mailboxes all across the state. We encourage you; we implore you. Please vote no on this recall,” said Newsom.
The Kern County Registrar of Voters said mail-in voting kicks off this Monday.