Sheriffs meet with lawmakers to voice concerns over sanctuary state bill (SB-54)

SB-54 has supporters and critics at odds across CA
Posted at 8:14 AM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:22:06-04

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The sanctuary city debate continues as Sheriff Donny Youngblood joins other California sheriffs in Sacramento to voice their concerns over Senate Bill 54.


SB-54 has both supporters and critics at odds as to how this bill will affect communities across the state. The bill will not allow state and local law enforcement agencies to use resources – money, facilities, equipment, or personnel – to help with federal immigration enforcement.


Youngblood was one of several California sheriffs sitting down with lawmakers yesterday to voice their concerns over sanctuary state legislation. Today, Youngblood is expected to meet with Governor Brown on the same topic. The sheriff believes that the measure would threaten the safety of Californians, adding that it blocks immigration officials from enforcing federal laws currently in place.


Youngblood on SB-54: “I think Senate Bill 54 prohibits us from communicating with our law enforcement partners which does not make our communities safer. It also inhibits us from allowing the federal government to come into our jails and decide whether someone gets deported or not.


In addition to Sheriff Youngblood, the Board of Supervisors is also expected to speak on the bill.




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