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Wasco City looking for new mayor

Garcia’s term as mayor comes to an end
Mayor Alex Garcia, Wasco, July 22, 2021
Posted at 11:47 PM, Aug 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 02:47:50-04

WASCO, Calif. (KERO) — The city of Wasco will soon be searching for a new mayor after council members voted to remove Alex Garcia from his position tonight following a drinking and driving incident earlier this year.

Wasco city council members voted 4-1 in favor to remove Mayor Alex Garcia from his position on Tuesday night after his arrest for driving under the influence back in May.

“I believe leaders should lead and your actions have spoke for themselves,” said council member Tilo Cortez

Garcia entered a no-contest plea last month to a charge of reckless driving in connection with alcohol consumption. Supporters Tuesday said everyone makes mistakes, even public officials.

“We are not perfect people but we are people working within our experiences. Mayor Alex has worked hard and has a beautiful track record,” said

But others believe being a good person is not good enough to keep his position.

“I wonder people being affected by drunk drivers the families who have been killed by drunk drivers, they don't care how good of a guy somebody is. They lost family members. It's an inexcusable offense,” said a Wasco resident

Some shared their own experiences of losing a loved one.

“In 1987 as he was going home from work he was killed by a drunk driver that had multiple DUIs. That's the largest funeral that I've ever been to,” said a Wasco resident

Garcia’s term as mayor comes to an end but he remains a council member. The now-former mayor said he’s remorseful for his actions.

“Of course we regret what happened that evening, of course,” said Garcia

Garcia also said this will not stop him from moving forward and he will continue to serve the city of Wasco.

“Absolutely not we don't quit. There are always up’s and downs in public service. And the action taken tonight is fine by me. It's not gonna stop me from being the bold leader that I have been all my life,” said Garcia

Mayor pro tem Gilbert Reyna will serve as acting Wasco mayor and take nominations for someone to complete the rest of Garcia's term which ends next year.