While Bakersfield holds on to its marijuana ban, Kern County gets set to decide its pot fate

Posted at 7:51 PM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 22:51:32-05

The city of Bakersfield has a ban on recreational and medicinal marijuana, and the ban will not be lifted any time soon. Outside of an initiative on the 2018 ballot for the allowance of medicinal marijuana shops, Bakersfield will continue to ban the sale of any type of marijuana.

As for Kern County, medical marijuana can be sold. By the end of this year, a decision will be made to determine if the county will allow the sale of recreational marijuana as well.

The county is discussing two plans, one to ban recreational marijuana sales and the other to allow a limited amount of shops and growing area in the county, starting in 2018.

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