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Tehachapi helping local restaurants with outdoor seating by adding umbrellas

Tehachapi Umbrellas
Tehachapi Umbrellas
Posted at 3:51 PM, Jul 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-22 11:51:00-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. — The City of Tehachapi is looking to help local restaurants abide by state guidelines by making outdoor seating a bit more appealing.

The city recently added 14 new umbrellas to downtown picnic tables in public spaces to help local eateries with outdoor seating.

Tehachapi Economic Development Coordinator Corey Costelloe talked with local business owners and found a common issue stated regarding not having enough outdoor seating areas for curbside and take out customers.

“They’ve struggled with finding enough outdoor seating to accommodate customers and comply with covid19 directives,” said Costelloe.

Costelloe identified multiple public spaces in the downtown Tehachapi area that are within walking distance of several restaurants and designed a guide for customers to find a place to sit down outside and eat nearby. City Manager Greg Garrett recognized by adding umbrellas to the already installed picnic tables in city maintained spaces would offer an enhanced experience for those supporting local businesses.

Tehachapi Mayor Susan Wiggins stopped by Centennial Plaza to see the umbrellas and said, “I am so happy we can help our local restaurants and let the public enjoy some of our beautiful spaces in downtown. Whatever we are able to do to show support for businesses is a great thing.”

The shaded tables are located at Centennial Plaza on Green St., Railroad Park & Freedom Plaza on Tehachapi Blvd. The Historic Train Depot also has outdoor picnic tables, but umbrellas could not be installed due to the style of the tables.