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Jonathan Hearn sentenced to 25 years, 4 months

Posted: 5:56 PM, Nov 13, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-17 01:28:57Z
Jonathan Hearn to be sentenced on Thursday
Jonathan Hearn to be sentenced on Thursday
Jonathan Hearn to be sentenced on Thursday

UPDATE: Jonathan Hearn has been sentenced to 25 years, 4 months. 

During court proceedings this morning Family members of Robert Limon read letters in court.

"The last few years have been a roller coaster of emotion," said Chris Wilson, Limon's sister. She also went on to say she forgave Hearn. 

Jonathan Hearn spoke, saying, "I have sinned."

"Anything short of death is really merciful," Hearn said. "I offer my broken hearted and genuine apology."

"I'm sorry for the grief that I caused to Robert's mother that broke her heart,"  said Hearn. "I cannot deserve your forgiveness" and calls himself a thief and asks for forgiveness."

"I was willing to kill to feel loved and accepted."


The man who pleaded guilty to killing his lover's husband in the love-triangle murder trial that made national headlines is expected to be officially sentenced on Thursday.

Jonathan Hearn is expected to be sentenced tomorrow to more than 25 years behind bars in exchange for his testimony against his lover, Sabrina Limon, in her murder trial.

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Hearn took the stand for seven days in September, explaining how he shot Limon's husband, Robert, and how she manipulated him into doing it for her. 

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In October, Sabrina Limon was found guilty of murder, conspiracy to commit a crime, accessory and solicitation to commit murder. Her lawyer quickly filed an appeal saying she was falsely convicted. Limon's sentencing was moved to February after she hired new attorneys. 

Hearn will be sentenced on Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

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