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Kern County Fair has COVID protocols to keep everyone safe

Kern County Fair
Posted at 4:59 PM, Sep 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-23 02:15:09-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — The Kern County Fair is underway. Families can expect to see endless food vendors, countless rides, and so many games.

Still, there are many people out there who are worried about their safety when it comes to COVID-19.

“It feels good I feel like it’s safe I like it,” said Quade Nash, gelato fair vendor.

Nash, 13, said that this feels extra special because Kern County did not get to have a fair last year.

“So, throughout the planning of the entire fair we worked extremely closely with Kern County Department of Public Health, and they’ve been really great partners in helping guide us on what kind of protocols we need to be following to help keep our community safe,” said Chelsey Roberts, facility marketing for Kern County Fair.

The fair spans 168 acres this year and Roberts said they’ve implemented the best protocols to keep everyone safe.

“We’re gonna have different signage in the building, recommending masks if you can wear one please do so we’ll have masks for free at all the gates,” said Roberts. “We’re gonna be shut down for two days. We’re gonna close Monday and Tuesday this year and we’re gonna use that time to make sure everything is really clean and sanitized getting ready for the next week.”

From the fun slide to the choo choo train to games to the food stations Roberts said each booth will be clean and have sanitizer for guests.

One special treat this year is a booth from Kern Medical.

“They’ll be out here giving vaccinations during the fair. We’ve given free tickets to people who come and get vaccinated at the fair and they will be able to come back and enjoy another day at the fair,” said Roberts.

To get to the vaccination site all, you have to do is follow the blue line to the Kern Medical room.

Nash said he’s hoping people will still come to the fair this year.

“They should definitely come to the fair because it's always fun and there's rides and there’s always music laying and there's concerts back here I would say come to the fair because it's awesome,” said Nash.