Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidates

Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidates
Posted at 4:39 PM, Oct 08, 2020
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The Rosedale Union School District has seven elementary and two middle schools and currently serves over 5,000 students. Officials say their main focus during the last six months has been providing high quality distanced learning, and preparing students and staff to return to in-person learning safely.

There is one trustee seat that's open in this at-large election which has drawn six candidates to enter the race. According to a district official in two years the seat will represent Trustee Area 3.

Up first on the candidate list is Gabe Garcia, who is a Field Manager for the Bureau of Land Management's Bakersfield Field Office, and a father. One of his children has a disability, and Garcia says he understands the challenges families face.

Gabe Garcia, Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate

Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate Gabe Garcia

"We've got to get our kids back in the classroom. I think we can do it quickly and safely. Second to many critical decisions are made without input. As a board member, I pledge to listen to parents, teachers, staff, and students to make sure we are making decisions that allow them to succeed."

Now meet Joshua Porter who is also a parent, and currently works a human resources administrator for the Kern High School District. Porter says one of his focuses is education equity and believes all students and staff across the district should have access to the same resources.

Joshua Porter, Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate

Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate Joshua Porter

"My background as a teacher and administrator for over 17 years has given me a unique perspective on the operations of a district. As your representative, my focus is to listen, provide leadership, and create solutions. It is imperative that school staff and students have access to the most current technology, classroom materials, and educational programs."

Up next is Laurel Sheffield, a licensed healthcare professional, and mother. Sheffield says that she has spent countless hours inside and outside of the classroom as a volunteer at schools within the district.

Laurel Sheffield, Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate

Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate Laurel Sheffield

"My kids have graduated and gone off to college but I want to use this knowledge and my career training as a licensed healthcare professional and leadership skills to give back to our community by serving the needs of parents and students. Raising a family is tough work and I agree that quality education in school is absolutely critical for the future success of our kids."

Also running for the seat is Gary Kraucyk who currently works for the Office of Correctional Education with CDCR and is also a teacher at an adult school. Kraucyk believes safety in schools is a top priority.

Gary Kraucyk, Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate

Rosedale Union School District Trustee Candidate Gary Kraucyk

"I'm running for school board because I want to give back to our great community. I want to get our kids safely back to school and I want to ensure that our kids are taught how to think not what to think. I love our community and I want to use my experience to make an already wonderful district even better."

This year the Trustee for Area 1 seat will remain filled by incumbent Michael Spickler and and Trustee for Area 5 will continue to be held by incumbent Gary Moore. Both Trustees are running unopposed.

23ABC reached out three times to David Eggers and Rosa Lara who are listed as candidates running for the at large seat. However, neither of the two candidates submitted a video in time for air.

Key Dates and Deadlines in California

Mon, Oct. 5 - Nov. 2: Early Voting Begins: Dates and hours may vary based on where you live
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