Science Sundays

Elaina Rusk Headshot

Elaina Rusk, 23ABC

2:01 PM, Oct 03, 2018

This year, since KERO's Chief Meteorologist Elaina Rusk can't visit classrooms due to Covid-19, she found a way to bring her passion for STEM education straight to the schoolkids learning at home. In her new segment "Science Sundays - Experiments with Elaina Rusk", each weekend she previews a science experiment or demonstration that will be available on our website that week as a free resource to all teachers creating new curriculum for distance learning. Elaina will be featuring prominent local scientists, helping connect them and their companies with local students. We feel this is a fantastic opportunity to bring local scientists together and spread our love for STEM education, but it also gives our teachers a little bit of a break. Let Elaina take the science lesson from here!