Documents: Pattern of child abuse in the death of 3-month-old Major Bailey

Posted at 4:28 PM, Aug 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 20:43:37-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KERO) — New details have been released in the death of a 3-month-old child and the Tehachapi parents who now face murder and child cruelty charges.

The case dates back to December 2020 and after a year and a half long investigation, Mister Bailey and Sabrina Martinez, the father, and mother of Major Bailey, have both been arrested for his death.

“December 22nd of 2020, the Tehachapi Police Department responded to an apartment in the 200 block of North Mill Street in Tehachapi for an investigation of a three-month-old not breathing,” said Kern County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Lori Meza.

That child, Major Bailey, was transported to a local hospital where he later died.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Unit responded to the scene to help the Tehachapi Police Department and ended up taking over the investigation.

That investigation is now over.

“On July 13th of this year, the investigation was completed and submitted to the district attorney's office for review. On July 14th felony warrants were issued for the arrests of Mister Bailey and Sabrina Martinez,” said Meza.

On Monday, new court documents were released that show a disturbing pattern of abuse in the home.

According to the investigators, video from Ring cameras in the home show 30-year-old Mister Bailey abusing three children in the home both verbally and physically leading up to Major Bailey's death on December 22, 2020.

The reports provide graphic details of abuse, including an incident where Mister Bailey throws the baby across a bedroom onto a bed. The reports also include an interview with one of the children who told authorities they saw blood in the home on the night the child died.

The report details how investigators determined 28-year-old Sabrina Martinez was lying when she told authorities on the day the baby died she had the child with her when she was attacked by three men outside a liquor store and after dropping the child off at home to seek treatment at a hospital later learned from Mister Bailey that the 3-month-old had stopped breathing.

An autopsy determined the infant had a bruised forehead and bleeding on the brain.

Bailey and Martinez were arrested on one count of murder, assault to a child, and eight counts of willful cruelty to a child. Mister Bailey has also been charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Mister Bailey has a lengthy court history, facing a number of charges ranging from battery with bodily injury to inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant, and has served several years in prison for various crimes.

  • In 2011, he pleaded no contest to inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.
  • In 2012, he pleaded no contest to receiving known stolen property.
  • Also in 2012, he pleaded no contest to threatening with intent to terrorize and battery on a spouse or ex-spouse.
  • In 2015, he pleaded no contest to inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.

Both Bailey and Martinez are being held without bail. Bailey is due back in court on August 10th for a felony arraignment while Martinez has a preliminary hearing scheduled for August 10th.