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Posted at 8:21 AM, Mar 03, 2020
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Election Results

11:34 PM (23ABC): Current State Assemblyman for District 34 Vince Fong (R) will take on Julie Solis (D) in the general election on November 3rd.

10:58 PM (23ABC): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Texas, taking Super Tuesday's second biggest prize.

10:52 PM (23ABC): With 65% of the precincts counted, David Couch is on his way to outright victory against Emilio Huerta for 4th District Supervisor.

10:40 PM: David Valadao released the following statement in response to the primary election results released this evening: "I am honored to have earned the vote of so many voters across the Central Valley. We built a coalition of Democrats, Republicans, and No Party Preference voters throughout Fresno, Kern, Kings and Tulare Counties who are ready to have Congress start working for them again. From water to trade to the economy, everywhere I go voters want politicians to put aside the partisan fights and get to work on the issues that matter. That’s exactly what I plan to do. I look forward to earning voters’ support again in November.”

10:16 PM (23ABC): Leticia Perez leads with 58% of the vote with almost half the precincts reporting.

10:09 PM: Assemblyman Vince Fong released the following statement regarding the results of California's Primary Election: “Tonight, the voters of our district sent a clear message. I will continue to fight every day for Kern County residents to make our state more affordable to live and work, to keep our neighborhoods safe, and to stand up for our local farmers, ranchers and energy producers. We must hold Sacramento accountable as we fight to improve the quality of life of Kern County residents.”

9:29 PM (23ABC): Medicinal Marijuana in Kern County appears headed for defeat with the NO votes leading in both Measure D and E with almost half the precincts reporting.

9:13 PM (23ABC): The Bond Issue for the McFarland Unified School District (Measure B) is close to passing with YES votes leading 57% to 43% with 67% of precincts voting.

9:06 PM (23ABC): David Couch leads Emilio Huerta 61% to 39% with more than half the precincts reporting in the race for 4th District Supervisor.

8:58 PM (23ABC): With more than half the precincts reporting, it is a tight race between TJ Cox and David Valadao for U.S. Representative 21st District. Cox leads just 43% to 41%.

8:22 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in California.

8:00 PM (AP): Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential primary in California, claiming biggest prize on Super Tuesday.

7:49 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Massachusetts, upsetting Elizabeth Warren in her home state.

7:28 PM (AP): Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential primary in Utah.

7:22 PM (AP): Mike Bloomberg plans to reassess on Wednesday whether he should stay in the Democratic presidential race after disappointing results on Super Tuesday.

7:07 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Utah.

6:50 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Arkansas.

6:29 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Tennessee.

6:29 PM (AP): Many Democratic voters in Super Tuesday's presidential primaries made up their minds just before casting a ballot — a sign of fluidity in a race recently upended by Joe Biden's blowout in South Carolina. The share of late deciders ranged from about a quarter of voters in Texas to roughly half in Minnesota, according to AP VoteCast surveys of voters in several Super Tuesday contests. Moderate and conservative voters in each state were slightly more likely than their liberal counterparts to delay a decision to the last minute. The indecision shows voters grappling with their choices in a race that is changing quickly.

6:20 PM (AP): Voters in California’s Democratic primary ranked health care and climate change as the most important issues facing the country, well above the economy, race relations, foreign policy and many other social issues. That’s according to a wide-ranging AP VoteCast survey of the Democratic primary electorate in California. VoteCast also found more voters in California’s Democratic primary said they wanted a candidate who would bring fundamental change to Washington, rather than one who would restore the political system to how it was before Donald Trump was elected in 2016.

6:11 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Colorado.

6:08 PM (AP): Joe Biden scored a series of Super Tuesday victories in key Southern states, building on momentum that has swiftly revived his Democratic presidential campaign in recent days. Bernie Sanders countered with wins in his home state of Vermont and in Colorado, as the race began to shift west, where polls were only just starting to close. Biden took Alabama, Oklahoma and the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia, notching a strong start as 14 states went to the polls nationwide. Still, voting was ongoing in the two top prizes, Texas and California — meaning the night's biggest winner remained unclear.

6:05 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Oklahoma.

6:00 PM (AP): Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential primary in Colorado; Donald Trump wins GOP primary in Texas.

5:36 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Arkansas.

5:15 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Tennessee.

5:14 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Massachusetts.

5:11 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Oklahoma.

5:06 PM (AP): Some California voters are waiting in long lines because of technical glitches connecting to the statewide voter database or too many users trying to cast ballots at once. The secretary of state's office said election workers in 15 counties could not connect to the statewide voter registration database on Super Tuesday but that the issues have been resolved. Los Angeles County's new $300 million voting system also had problems. The electronic pollbooks were operating slowly because so many voters were trying to use them at once. Delays were up to two hours in some places. Technicians have added more devices in some polling places.

Election 2020 Voting Concerns California
A sign reads "Sorry, Out of Order," on a voting station as people cast the ballots Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center in Los Angeles. Poll workers said that computer network issues slowed both the voter check-in process and made some machines unusable. About one-third of the approximately 40 machines were being used. The resulting line meant voting took about an hour. (AP Photo/Justin Pritchard)

5:00 PM (AP): Joe Biden has won Alabama's Democratic presidential primary. The state has 52 delegates at stake. Black voters hold sway in the state's Democratic electorate, and Biden and Mike Bloomberg split the endorsements of the state's largest black political coalitions. The Alabama New South Coalition backed Biden, and the Alabama Democratic Conference supported Bloomberg. Biden has also won Virginia and North Carolina, while Bernie Sanders has won the primary in his home state, Vermont. Voting is still underway elsewhere in the country, including California, the night’s biggest prize.

4:54 PM (AP): An upbeat Elizabeth Warren is urging Democratic voters to cast ballots that will make them “proud” instead of listening to political pundits. At a rally in Detroit on Tuesday night, the Massachusetts senator says “prediction has been a terrible business” and is encouraging people to vote with their “heart.” Warren has had poor showings in recent contests dominated by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden. People are still voting in many Super Tuesday states across the country. Michigan’s primary is next week, and Warren has scheduled a return trip for Friday. An undeterred Warren says she will defeat President Donald Trump and is still running because she believes she will make the best president. She says: “You don’t get what you don’t fight for. I am in this fight.”

Elizabeth Warren
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., speaks during a primary election night rally, Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at Eastern Market in Detroit. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

4:47 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in North Carolina.

4:46 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in North Carolina.

4:27 PM (AP): Donald Trump wins Republican presidential primary in Vermont.

4:18 PM (AP): Joe Biden has notched his first major Super Tuesday victory, winning Virginia to start the most pivotal night of the Democratic presidential primary. Front-runner Bernie Sanders also grabbed a home-state win in Vermont. Voting was still occurring Tuesday in the two biggest prizes of the night, Texas and California. Virginia was a lift for Biden after Sanders and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg heavily contested it over the past week. A once-jumbled primary was becoming an increasingly well-defined battle between Sanders and Biden after several former rivals endorsed the former vice president on Monday. The billionaire Bloomberg is a wild card.

APTOPIX Election 2020 Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden shakes hands with customers at the Buttercup Diner during a campaign stop in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

4:17 PM (AP): Bernie Sanders wins Democratic presidential primary in Vermont, scoring victory in his home state.

4:00 PM (AP): Joe Biden wins Democratic presidential primary in Virginia.

3:26 PM (AP): Many Democratic voters in Super Tuesday's presidential primaries made up their minds just before casting a ballot — a sign of fluidity in a race recently upended by Joe Biden's blowout in South Carolina. The share of late deciders ranged from about a quarter of voters in Texas to roughly half in Minnesota, according to AP VoteCast surveys of voters in several Super Tuesday contests. Moderate and conservative voters in each state were slightly more likely than their liberal counterparts to delay a decision to the last minute. The indecision shows voters grappling with their choices in a race that is changing quickly.

2:17 PM (AP): President Donald Trump says he doesn't plan to watch the results coming in for the series of high-stakes Super Tuesday primary contests to choose the Democratic nominee that will go up against him in November. Trump says whoever it is he will "take them on."

Trump: Super Tuesday results will be interesting

1:02 PM (AP): Deadly tornadoes knocked out polling places in Tennessee while fears over the coronavirus left some polling places in California and Texas short of election workers as Super Tuesday voting opened around the country. Scattered reports of polling places opening late, machines malfunctioning or voter rolls being down marred voting in some of the 14 states voting Tuesday, but there were no reports of voters being unable to cast a ballot or security breaches. Super Tuesday marked the first major security test since the 2018 midterms, with state and local election officials saying they are well-prepared.

12:53 PM (23ABC): Kern County is gearing up for Super Tuesday to cast their ballots for presidential, congressional primaries and regional contest. Voters will also find another section to vote on, the Kern County Central Committees.

An inside look at central committees of kern county

12:48 PM (23ABC): With Super Tuesday underway California could end up being a big player in the race for the White House.

California's impact on Super Tuesday

12:40 PM (23ABC): Polls opened in Kern County at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning and there has been a lot of movement for Super Tuesday. California is one of 14 states voting on Super Tuesday which is critical to Democratic presidential nominees vying for delegates as well as for some local measures.

Super Tuesday is underway in Kern County

12:21 PM (AP): California Democrats looking for a candidate to defeat President Donald Trump will pick from a suddenly reshaped presidential field. California is one of 14 states voting on Super Tuesday. It’s the biggest prize by far, with more than 400 delegates at stake. The vote comes a day after Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg united behind Joe Biden as party moderates look to halt the ascent of democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, the leading candidate after contests in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina. Biden was expected back in California on Tuesday. Elizabeth Warren campaigned Monday near Los Angeles.

11:43 AM (AP): Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he believes his campaign has what it takes to defeat President Donald Trump come November. On Tuesday he arrived at a polling center in Burlington, Vermont, to cast his vote on Super Tuesday. Fourteen states and one U.S. territory are holding nominating contests with one-third of delegates at stake. Sanders told reporters outside that his campaign has created a grassroots movement made up of multi-generational, multi-racial supporters "standing up for justice. To beat Donald Trump, we are going to need to have the largest voter turnout in the history of this country. We need energy. We need excitement. I think our campaign is that campaign," he said.

Sanders: Our campaign is the one to beat Trump

11:30 AM (23ABC): According to KernVote, "Under the federal Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002, every voter who casts a provisional ballot is entitled to find out from his/her county elections official if the ballot was counted and if not, the reason why it was not counted. Under California Elections Code sections 3017 (PDF) and 3019.5 (PDF), a voter who casts a vote-by-mail ballot can find out if the ballot arrived at his/her county elections office, if the ballot was counted, and, if not, the reason why it was not counted. Each county elections official allows voters to check the status of his/her vote-by-mail and provisional ballot either through the county website, by telephone, or both. To find out if your vote-by-mail ballot was received by your county elections official or if your provisional ballot was counted, please click on the appropriate link below or call the phone number listed for the county elections office. For further information about the elections services provided in your county, visit our County Elections offices page." To find out if your mail-in ballot has been posted, check the KernVote website.

11:03 AM (AP): California voters are picking through 101 legislative contests on Tuesday. The range from a battle between two Democratic dynasties to nasty infighting among outnumbered Republicans. Lisa Calderon is running to retain the family’s hold on a Democratic seat in Los Angeles County. Her opponents include Sylvia Rubio, who is the sister of two Democratic state lawmakers. Meanwhile, a nasty fight within the Republican Party is playing out in Orange County, where the incumbent faces a challenge from a former state senator. And former Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes may find himself the odd man out Tuesday while running as an independent in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

10:56 AM (AP): The only statewide measure on Tuesday's California primary ballot is a $15 billion bond to repair and modernize aging schools, many of which are more than a half-century old and have issues ranging from leaky roofs to toxic mold. About $9 billion of the Proposition 13 money would go to K-12 schools. Priority would be given to addressing health and safety concerns, including removing asbestos. The measure also would put an end to the first-come, first-served process of allocating funds that critics say favors richer districts. Opponents say California has a large budget surplus and shouldn't borrow more money.

10:26 AM (NEWSY): Voters in more than a dozen states are casting votes this Super Tuesday as thousands of delegates are up for grabs. Those delegates at the Democratic National Convention are responsible for officially selecting the party's nominee for president. But it's sort of complicated.

The Complicated Democratic Nomination Process, Explained

9:57 AM (AP): More than a dozen candidates are competing to fill a U.S. House seat north of Los Angeles in a race that's being watched nationally for hints about which party might control Congress next year. The 25th District was left vacant after Democrat Katie Hill resigned amid a House ethics probe and sex scandal. In a twist that could confuse voters Tuesday, the ballot will include two elections. One is a special election to complete the second year of Hill’s House term. The other is a primary to choose two candidates for the November general election that will determine who takes the seat in 2021.

9:54 AM (AP): Republicans have been losing ground in the California for years. President Donald Trump lost the state by over 4 million votes in 2016. But the GOP is hoping for a comeback this year in a string of U.S. House seats the party lost to Democrats two years ago. The president wants the House back under GOP control and has said that with hard work Republicans can win back the seven seats lost in California in 2018. Democrats are digging in to defend their turf. Republicans currently hold a mere six of the state’s 53 House seats, with two vacancies.

9:47 AM (AP): Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, arrived at a polling center in Cambridge, Mass as she struggled for delegates and momentum on Super Tuesday.

Elizabeth Warren votes in Cambridge, Massachusetts

9:26 AM (AP): Tuesday’s presidential primaries across 14 states mark the first major security test since the 2018 midterms. State and local election officials say they are prepared to deal with everything from equipment problems to false information about the coronavirus. States have been racing to shore up cybersecurity defenses, replace aging and vulnerable voting equipment and train for worst-case scenarios since it became clear that Russia launched a sweeping and systematic effort to interfere in the 2016 presidential election. U.S. intelligence chiefs have warned foreign interference remains a threat for the 2020 election. And the recent outbreak of a new virus could present a bad actor with an opening to spread false information to keep voters away from the polls.

8:33 AM (KSTU): Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer all dropped out shortly before Super Tuesday. Now, some early voters have been left wondering, “what happens when the candidate I voted for drops out?” Find Out!

8:37 AM (23ABC): If you are registered to vote but don't know where your nearest polling site is you can find it on your sample ballot or by typing your address into the county or state elections website. We also have a map of all the polling places in Kern County. Once you are at the polling site, there is no required information needed to cast your vote. Those planning to vote today should know California polls close at 8 p.m.

8:26 AM (AP): The Democratic presidential candidates are racing toward the biggest day on the primary calendar, when 14 states vote on Super Tuesday. It's the day when the primary moves from retail to wholesale. No longer is a single state voting at a time. More than 1,300 delegates are at stake on Tuesday, marking a third of the total available during the entire Democratic primary process. Mike Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders are running the widest and most aggressive Super Tuesday efforts, largely because they have the money to do it. Any candidate who doesn't perform strongly on Tuesday will likely face pressure to exit the race.

8:11 AM (AP): Texas is casting a big shadow on Super Tuesday. The red state with a budding blue streak is towering over a shrinking 2020 presidential field. More than 2 million people had already voted in Texas even before polls opened for Tuesday's primary. On Monday night, a resurgent Joe Biden packed a rally in Dallas with former rivals Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg. They endorsed the former vice president in Texas shortly after ending their own presidential campaigns. The urgency ratcheted up an already substantial Texas primary that was primed to say a lot about the state's fast-changing politics.

8:04 AM (23ABC): Tuesday marks the biggest day in the nominating race for Democratic hopefuls in this year’s presidential election. Nearly one-third of all pledged delegates will be up for grabs in Tuesday’s race. In total, 14 states and American Samoa will help decide who the Democratic nominee will be. Who left the race? Who’s the frontrunner? Find Out More!

Bernie Sanders
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., arrives to vote in the Vermont Primary near his home in Burlington, Vt., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

8:00 AM (AP): Millions of voters from Maine to California are headed to the polls on Super Tuesday, a day that's rich with delegates in the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination. The race is shaping up as a contest between two starkly different visions for the party's future and a November rematch with President Donald Trump. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has energized liberals and young voters, is seeking to pull away from the rest of the field. Former vice president Joe Biden is hoping to ride a wave of momentum and endorsements to cement himself as the standard-bearer for the party’s moderate wing.

7:57 AM (AP): Deadly storms left treacherous conditions in at least two of the 14 states where residents were going to vote on Super Tuesday. Some polling sites in Nashville were relocated at the last minute and sites across Nashville and in Davidson and Wilson counties opened an hour late. In rural central Alabama, high winds howled and the National Weather Service issued tornado warnings for at least five counties. The storms knocked out the power at at least one polling site, leaving voters to make their selections by flashlight.

7:34 AM (AP): The state of Texas boasts a strong voting bloc of African Americans who are set to cast their ballots on Super Tuesday along with several other states. The contest offers the biggest opportunity yet for minority voters from coast to coast to weigh in on the tumultuous Democratic primary. More than a third of the total delegates are at stake on Super Tuesday. Houston is the nation’s fourth largest city and one of the most racially and ethnically diverse. African American voters are grappling with who to support ahead of the pivotal primaries.